Photography Tips

Photography Tips

Mike Browne - Photography Courses

Fun learning with one of the UKs friendliest photo experts.

Mike Browne is a world renowned photographer running  Photography workshops in UK and beyond.

He offers  downloadable photography courses that are simple, clear, concise and jargon free. In a language that will help you to take the pictures you want - fast!
Mike also offers photo training films that teach, inspire and entertain. Tips, techniques and exercises that put you in control of your photography and help you take professional pictures.
Visit his

Editing Tips from Serge Ramille

Photographer Serge Ramelli has over 400 tutorials on Photography, he is the number One channel on Lightroom worldwide. 

If you want great tricks and tips on photography to enable you to take professional pictures, Serge Ramelli is a landscape and urban photographer based in Los Angeles and Paris. His work has been shown in galleries worldwide and he has written 15 books covering the technical aspects of photography.He is also known for his tutorials on Photoshop® and Lightroom® and has over 400,000 subscribers on his You Tube channel 

Serge’s mission is to help photographers take better photos and pursue an artistic career as he has done.